Prigat Clear – Only 19 kcal. The new generation of Soft drinks

Gat Foods' Prigat brand is proud to present a new refreshing series of low sugar fruit based drinks: Prigat Clear (Prigat Tzalul).

  •        10% fruit
  •        ˃ 5gr added sugar per 100ml- 19kcal per 100ml
  •        No preservatives. No artificial colorants. No artificial sweeteners.

As the leading fruit based beverages' brand in Israel, Prigat developed the new generation of Soft drinks. The Prigat Clear series corresponds with/to the rising health trend worldwide and in Israel where consumers would like to reduce their sugar intake.

Research shows that consumers state that they would prefer to drink more water rather than regular sugary drinks but in reality, the switch is too drastic and not appealing enough.

The Clear's new formulation answers the demand by offering tasty fruity drinks that are both refreshing and healthier. Only 19kcal. Per 100ml with no artificial colorants and sweeteners and no preservatives . The series includes four different flavors: apple, peach, pineapple and grape, launched in 1.5L and 0.5L PET bottles.

The Prigat Clear series is a great opportunity for bottlers to offer consumers healthier beverages while driving the still drinks category's growth.

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