All-In-One Solution

All-In-One Solution

Tailor Made

Gat Foods' All-In-One Solution combines the benefits of both Turbi-Pack and FruityFeel solutions, providing the final beverage its mouthfeel, cloudiness and freshness all-together. The All-in-One solution is tailored to the client's needs and specifications.

Ideal for citrus and tropical flavors Still Drinks. Can also be used for CSDs. Can be provided in organic quality. 


  • Contributes to the drink's cloudiness and appearance
  • Contributes to the drink's mouthfeel and freshness
  • Natural - the solution is all natural, thereby meets market demand for a clean label without artificial ingredients
  • Notable citrus aroma - maximizing the organoleptic benefits of citrus oil
  • Significantly contributes to the drink's fruit and juice content
  • Contains fruit particles
  • Adds nutritious value - antioxidants, flavonoids and carotenoids inherently found in the fruit





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