Fruit bases and compounds

Our integrated solutions include full bases and compounds suitable for the production of still and carbonated drinks. Dilution ratios vary between 1:10- 1:50 (for bases) 100:100- 1:200 (for compounds) tailored to the beverage application and bottler's requirements.

Gat Foods bases and compounds include the necessary building blocks for the production of tasty and stable drinks (fruit concentrates, colors, flavors, sweetening systems, cloudifiers, stabilizers and additives). The solutions are concentrated and can be shipped frozen, aseptic or chemically preserved, as per our customer's request.

Advantages of Gat Foods' integrated solutions (bases and compounds):

  • Guaranteed product uniformity: we guarantee a constant quality level conforming to all product specifications for every production batch and production site
  • Guaranteed stability of final products: no texture breaking, separation or sedimentation
  • High Quality: ensured through strict quality assurance management processes
  • Improved bottler efficiency  
  • A smooth & simple production process while reducing production errors
  • Minimizing storage and conveyance needs




Gat Foods offers tailored emulsions suitable for the production of no/low fruit content beverages, complementing the juice content with color, aroma, stability and additives

Advantages of Gat Foods Beverages Emulsions:

  • Providing a comprehensive solution for rich consistency, taste, smell and stability 
  •  Simplifying production by allowing bottlers to continue sourcing fruit concentrates from own sources, while guaranteeing high quality, stability, unique flavor and aroma

Our beverage emulsions are tailor made according to each customer's specifications, and comply with all relevant regulations.

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