Beverage Company - 3 ways how Brexit will change the UK farming industry

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Beverage Company - 3 ways how Brexit will change the UK farming industry

Leaving the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will pose many new challenges to both the UK government and farms, with a large amount of UK farms relying on CAP funding to remain operational. Reforming agricultural policy to account for these changes will result in a thorough evaluation of the needs of the industry, future trade agreements and the devolution settlements. With long term decision making essential in the agricultural industry, it is important that a transitional period is put in place to allow the switch to take place without compromising the ability of British farmers to survive and prosper.

Regardless of whether Brexit brings with it a positive or negative impact to the farming industry, the entire agricultural and food industry will be affected, from juice manufacturers and beverage formulation companies, to farmers and food manufacturers.

1) The Brexit allows the UK to move away from the inflexible farming and food policy put in place and enforced by the European Union. This will pave the way for the country to make its own decisions about how to move forward with agriculture, food and the environment, as opposed to allowing the EU to make these decisions for them.

2) Trade between the UK and EU countries will be severely disrupted and could have a damaging affect on the agriculture and food sector. In order to prevent any disastrous consequences, it is important that a temporary, transitional deal is put into place until the Brexit is finalised and a new deal is negotiated.

3) Much of the UK’s agricultural labour relies on the EU. Without access to EU labour, the agricultural sector and food manufacturers will face significant difficulties. In order to remedy this deficit in labour, the UK must either renegotiate with the EU about the opportunity for work visas, or otherwise turn to other regions for labour such as east Asia. The farming industry is also likely to increase automation as another method of eliminating the need for workers.

Gat Foods is a beverage company who is a major supplier of beverages and beverage ingredients worldwide. The Brexit has created uncertainty as to whether beverage delivery to the UK will still remain worthwhile to international beverage formulation companies such as Gat Foods. It is clear that Brexit will cause major changes to the UK farming and agriculture industry, and in this time of uncertainty, all that is possible for a beverage company like Gat Foods to do is wait to see what happens and respond accordingly as to whether they want to continue beverage delivery to the UK.

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