Beverage Delivery - All about Prigat

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Beverage Delivery - All about Prigat

Prigat is a beverage company that manufactures juice and syrup in Israel. The company is owned by Gat Foods and is part of the Central Bottling Company (CBC), the largest beverage company in Israel who are licensed for the sale of well known international beverage brands such as Coca Cola, Muller, Ocean Spray, Carlsberg and others. Prigat operations are based in two kibbutzim, Givat Haim (Meuhad) and Givat Chaim (Ichud), near Hadera. The kibbutzim are used to grow the fruits that are used in the production of their juices, and to produce and store juice which will be distributed throughout Israel under the Prigat label, or internationally as PGI.

Prigat was founded in 1940 when leaders of kibbutz Givat Chaim made the decision to build a factory to produce canned fruit and vegetables. The company soon began selling jams, tomato puree and applesauce in 1941 before hitting big in 1943 when the British Army in Palestine ordered 775,000 syrup bottles for 55,000 Land of Israel pounds (the currency during the British mandate of Palestine). By 1947, the company began automating the juice extraction process by introducing industry leading machinery into the business. In 1958, Prigat began to expand its operations internationally after it began selling sweet corn seeds in tin cans the previous year, as foreign minister Golda Meir agreed to the company’s “Jaffa Champion” trademark.

In 1959, the company's peanut factory was established, which was later separated from the juice activities of the company, and is no longer managed by Prigat today. By the mid 1960’s Prigat was leading other juice manufacturers and even Israel itself, as an exporter thanks to the popularity of their frozen juice and vegetables in international markets. In 1977, the "Prigat" trademark was first used referring to the frozen food department of the company. A production line for juice in small bags was established by Prigat in 1982, for cardboards in 1987, and for squeezed juice in 1995. Nowadays, Prigat is continuing to succeed with the beverage delivery of its brand to 15 countries outside of Israel

Gat Foods is a global supplier of integrated, technology-based fruit solutions, providing advanced bases, compounds and raw materials for the worldwide beverage industry. Similarly to Prigat, Gat Foods a beverage company but focuses more on beverage ingredients and beverage delivery of tailor made products that meet the specific needs of their clientele. Gat Food distinguishes itself from other beverage formulation companies due to their industry leading products that are sustained by their strong focus on research and development, and further enabled by their ‘from the grove to the shelf’ ideology. To find out more about Gat Food and the beverage delivery of their products, contact them on the Gat Foods website.