Beverage Industry - 3 fruits that you probably didn’t know contained protein

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Beverage Industry - 3 fruits that you probably didn’t know contained protein

There are many fruits that contain some amount of protein which can be a complementary addition to other sources of protein. In addition to protein, fruit plays an important part of the diet, providing essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber. It is well known that regular consumption of fruit is associated with improved digestive health, protection against certain types of cancers, lower blood pressure, and bone health. Additionally it is associated with a reduced risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes or becoming obese.

The 3 fruits with the most amount of protein include:

Dried Apricots

One serving of dried apricots (½ a cup) contains three grams of protein, 151% of the daily requirement for vitamin A, 21% of your daily iron and 31% of your daily potassium. The main risk of eating dried apricots is overconsumption as the absence of water makes it far less filling, causing you to eat more. In fact, a single serving of dried apricots is 190 calories, as opposed to half a cup of fresh apricot halves, which contains only 37 calories. However, this isn’t something to be concerned about as long as you consume dried apricots in appropriate portion sizes.


Guavas contain four grams of protein in a 1 cup standard serving. A single serving will also contain 112 calories, 9 grams of fiber, and 628% of vitamin C requirements for the average person. While there are various kinds of guavas, the most common type has greenish-yellow exterior with pink of white insides, as well as seeds.


Although it is commonly eaten with vegetables and generally added as a savory element to meals, avocados are actually fruits. A regular medium sized avocado has approximately 365 calories, 17 grams of fiber, 88% of the daily vitamin C requirement, and 7 grams of protein. Furthermore, avocados contain almost all essential amino acids and monounsaturated fats like omega-3’s and omega-6’s.

With growing trend of health and wellbeing in the beverage industry, it won’t be long until every juice company is trying to find a way to incorporate these fruits into their next innovative beverage, in order to promote the fact that these fruits contain protein. Gat Foods is a leading company in the beverage industry and is already addressing the growing trend of health and wellness by offering bases compatible with low calorie drinks, fruity still drinks with reduced sugar and calories, as well as healthy and natural organic juice made in the Gat Foods beverage factory. To find out more about Gat Food’s role as a juice company and how they are leading the beverage industry, visit their website.