Beverage Solutions - 5 Tips for Developing Protein Packed Beverages

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Beverage Solutions - 5 Tips for Developing Protein Packed Beverages

Often times when attempting to create protein filled beverage solutions, it is extremely difficult to mask the poor taste that results from 40g or more of protein. Thankfully, advancements in protein research, flavour maskers and beverage ingredients have allowed for the creation of protein packed drinks that are better tasting than ever before. Here are 5 tips for overcoming any obstacles when making your next protein beverage:

Work backwards

It is best to understand the processing capabilities of the plant before starting development of beverage solution. To avoid wasting time and money, make sure that you know the processing capabilities of the production facility and that your solution can be consistently replicated. Decide on what you will use as your beverage base and ensure that you have all the necessary beverage ingredients.

Let the product “mellow."

Thermal processing can often temporarily affect the mouthfeel and taste of the finished beverage solution. Since it generally takes around three weeks for the environment to find an equilibrium and stabilise, it is important to have patience during the development of your protein beverage.

Call your suppliers for information on the ingredients they are selling.

To create the best beverages, it is important to locate the best beverage ingredients. If you are unsure about which ingredients to use in the creation of your protein beverage, it may be a good idea to contact your suppliers as they know most about how their ingredients act in different environments.

Conduct a shelf-life study.

Ensure that you know how long your protein beverage can last on the shelf by conducting a shelf-life study. Protein can start to show signs of instability after three months, exhibiting breakdowns in colour, odor, flavour and texture. Shelf-life studies can help to reduce the time taken to make adjustments to the formula of your beverage if necessary.

Be present.

Oversight of the whole development and production process of your new protein beverage can lead to new ideas and epiphanies. These ideas may not come to mind if you stay at the lab, as opposed to going to the plant.

The protein landscape is rapidly changing, with people turning to protein beverages for all the health benefits they offer. Even beyond health benefits, protein is being used in beverages to create emulsions, provide complex flavor profiles and build viscosity. By following the tips above, you can develop your own value for money beverage solutions that capitalise on the growing demand for protein beverages.

In order develop your own value for money beverage solutions with protein, you will need a capable and reliable beverage supplier. With a range of advanced integrated solutions and products, look no further than Gat Foods.