Beverage business in the innovative era

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Beverage business in the innovative era

It was a matter of time before we started noticing dramatic changes in the beverage industry, based on the technological advancement of this modern age. Let’s face it - in a world that is driven by entrepreneurship and hi-tech innovations, it stands to reason that all businesses be affected. That includes the beverage business as well, from production of juice products to the beverage delivery practices used around the world.

How NFC Juice is affected by innovation

As we all know by now, nfc juice stands for “not from concentrate” juice, meaning the freshest juice available. At first glance, one might think that - of all things - juice should not necessarily be affected by technological advancement, but that one would be mistaken. Making the best juice requires the best practices, and the best equipment. In order to maintain the true flavour and essence of the fruit, GatFoods has developed production methods that are top-of-the-line, by using equipment that is technologically advanced; thus allowing the nfc juice to be of the highest quality.

Innovation and the beverage business

Since the world has been walking the path of innovative thought these past few years (to put it mildly), it should come as no surprise that just recently a young entrepreneur has developed a new method for creating an energy drink. And no - it does not include more additives that will help one stay awake. In fact, it uses the most common additive of all - oxygen.
Meet OxyOse - 21-year-old Jackson Pickard has recently invented a way to inject pure oxygen into a fruit juice, creating a low calorie fruity energy drink that retains its flavour and is optimal for consumption before exercising.

Beverage Delivery and Technology

It’s been known that companies have been creating and developing drones and other devices that can change the face of more than just the beverage delivery industry - but the entire goods delivery industry. Several devices have shown the ability to deliver small goods - such as nfc juice cans - across a significant distance. True, capabilities are still somewhat limited; but they are heading in the right direction - soon, these devices will be able to deliver larger packages across wider distances, changing even more the world we know today.

A final note

Technology and innovation has been affecting practically every element of our lives; from technology-based inventions, through software and hardware, to food consumption and delivery.
At GatFoods we put a lot of effort and resources in ensuring we keep up with progress, improving both our practices and, of course, our products.

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