Beverage manufacturer - Gat Foods: Industry Certifications and what they ensure

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Beverage manufacturer - Gat Foods: Industry Certifications and what they ensure

Why are certifications important?

Industry certifications provide quality assurance over various business practices so that customers will know that they are acting ethically and responsibly. Beverage manufactor need certifications, and certifications can be enforced by different organisations such as the International Organization for Standardization, which enforces over 20,000 standards in a variety of industries. Without the relevant certifications there is no assurance that the business is operating ethically, making them less reliable from the point of view of the consumer. Certifications become even more essential in the food and beverage industry, where poor quality products could severely impact the health of consumers. As a result, Gat Foods is one of teh biggest beverage supplier, that has upheld safety standards in order to gain the relevant certifications and ensure customers of the quality of their products.


ISO's are industry standards that are enforced by the International Organization for Standardization. Important ISO standards for the food and drink industry includes ISO 9001 and ISO 22000. ISO 9001 ensures the quality management of the operations of a business so that customers will receive consistent and good quality products. ISO 22000 on the other hand, certifies the ability of a business to control food safety hazards so that any food or beverage produced is safe for human consumption. Gat Foods has industry certification for both ISO 9001 and 22000, as well as certification for the standard of their environmental management system with ISO 14001. All of these certifications help assure customers of the quality of Gat Food products such as their Prigat brand in Israel.


Gat Foods makes use of the HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) approach as a preventative measure, which involves identifying potential safety hazards and reducing these risks to a safe level. This approach is used throughout the food production and preparation processes. The principles of HACCP are included in the international standard ISO 22000.

Halal Certification

In certain religions, such as Islam and Judaism, there are strict dietary requirements that adherents must abide by. However, it can be very difficult for adherents to determine if pre-prepared foods follow the rules of their dietary requirements. As a result, religious communities will often create an authority who will provide certification to businesses that meet their standards. For example, Gat Foods has been awarded Halal Certification from the Halal Food Authority. This therefore provides adherents of the Islamic faith with the confidence that their beverages can be consumed without infringing on any religious dietary requirements.

Certifications play an important role in shaping consumer choice. Only with a plethora of relevant industry certifications can customers be informed of the quality standards that were followed when producing their food or beverage.