Citrus Cloudy - Orange Peel Extracts

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Citrus Cloudy - Orange Peel Extracts

It is common knowledge that oranges are packed with nutrients that are great for our health. This is part of the reason why nfc juice has become so popular, and nfc manufacturers are so successful. However what you may not have heard is that orange peels similarly offer many health benefits. Orange peels are rich in flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that work to reduce oxidative damage and fight potential cancer cells before they can spread. Furthermore, orange peels are loaded with histamine suppressing compounds, which allow for reduced irritation from allergies.

There are also many lung cleansing effects of orange peels, as the histamine reducing compounds provide support for problematic respiratory indications and respiratory distress, breaking down and expelling congestion. Similarly to the orange itself, and nfc juice, the orange peel is packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, enzymes, fiber and pectin.

There are many methods of harnessing the health benefits of orange peels. Many choose to eat the peels by themselves, while others will mix them with other ingredients to make the taste more palatable. Others may even dry the peels to create a powder which can be added to a bath to help cleanse the lungs.

Gat Foods uses peel extract to create a solution which will make beverages cloudy and improve their appearance. They call this extract citrus cloudy, and it has many benefits:
 - 4-5 times increased turbidity compared to standard juice
 - 10 times soluble pectin (dietary fibers)
 - 10 times the amount of flavonoids
As an NFC manufacturer, Gat Foods can incorporate this solution into their NFC juice to achieve these added benefits.

Using peel extract to enhance the aesthetics and benefits of their juices is one of many innovative ideas made by Gat Foods. To find out about industry leading Gat Foods beverage solutions, visit their website.