Clean Label Drinks

Clean Label Drinks

Clean Label - Products consumers understand and appreciate

Consumers nowadays are looking for all-natural and healthier products, featuring a clean and clear labelling with fewer ingredients.

Gat Foods offers a unique and advanced solution for producing all-natural, clean label, fruit based drinks.

Thanks to our deep understanding of fruit processing and beverage formulations, we have the expertise to provide an excellent quality of all-natural drinks, even when working with a low fruit content. We provide solutions for stable, homogenous and super tasty drinks, even with a small fruit content.

We replace commonly used synthetic ingredients and ingredients systems with our unique solutions using extractions from the entire fruit:

  • Texturizing system solution
  • Emulsifier solution
  • Flavor / flavor enhancers and color solution

We provide compounds and bases for different categories of fruit drinks with a range of fruit content levels:

  • Still drinks and juice drinks
  • Carbonated fruit drinks
  • Schorle
  • Fruit syrups


Our solutions are “Proven on the Shelf” for over 70 years, featuring our successful experience in manufacturing tasty tailor made drinks for customers worldwide.



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