Food Service

Food Service

Gat FoodService division is dedicated to the food service business, developing and offering tailor-made quality beverage solutions to different channels of the food service business:

  • Hotels
  • Catering
  • Educational institutions
  • Restaurants, QSR etc..

Gat FoodService division is committed to upholding the highest service standards for our clientele around the globe, providing operational solutions for our customers' convenience and satisfaction through:

  • A vast range of product categories
  • New products' development
  • Various packaging solutions
  • Compatible solutions for different HORECA channels
  • Logistics support

Tailor-made solutions

Gat FoodService is a leading force in the food service industry. Our FoodService broad product portfolio and comprehensive knowledge enable us to develop tailor-made products customized to your specific requirements and to present multiple packaging solutions, catering to your every need.

For over 70 years Gat Foods has been developing and marketing integrated solutions in the global field of fruit based beverages, combining advanced technology with high-quality ingredients and raw materials.

Our extensive expertise in fruit based drinks derives from a unique, vertically integrated knowhow of growing citrus, processing fruit, producing a wide range of innovative products and raw materials for the beverages industry, bottling and marketing-all of which consistently demonstrates Gat Foods "PROVEN ON THE SHELF" success.

Product Portfolio

Our FoodService product portfolio includes concentrated products of the following categories:

  • 100% Juice
  • Nectars
  • Still Drinks
  • Tea drinks and Iced- tea
  • Smoothies


For the PreMix dispensing machines: we offer 0.5L and 1L aseptic products packed in Combi-Block (12 cartons of 1L per case)

For the PostMix product category: we offer aseptic/frozen/preserved products packed in Bag-In-Box or cartridges available in multiple formats:

  • Bag-In-Box - 3-25 L
  • Cartridge- 3.5L, frozen

Contact Our FoodService team

Mr. Arnon Kaplan-

Ms. Romi Krapes-

Tel: +972-46368969

Fax: +972-46368883



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