Fruity Still Drinks

Fruity Still Drinks

Fruity still drinks offer consumers a light and refreshing drinking experience – fun and different each time. The category’s product definition provides the industry with an endless scope for innovation and growth potential - through different mouth feels and textures, sweetening solutions, added nutritional ingredients, flavors and color variations.

Gat Foods provides the full range of elements required for creating tailor-made applications for different bottlers' needs: from emulsions, compounds and bases, through functional ingredients and fruit raw materials.  

We continuously monitor the market and develop innovative on-trend applications:

1. Reduced calories

2. Superfruits

3. Functionality

4. Texture/Sensory effect

5. Clean Label


Our solutions are “Proven on the Shelf” for over 70 years, featuring our successful experience in manufacturing tasty tailor made drinks for customers worldwide.

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