How Juice Concentrate is made?

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How Juice Concentrate is made?

What is Juice Concentrate?

juice concentrate is where the water content from the fruit has been removed. Juice concentrate is generally frozen and is prepared for consumption by mixing with water. Since the concentrate can be frozen, it's shelf-life is extended dramatically.

How it is made?

juice manufacturer will inspect the fruit for quality and ripeness, before using a machine to extract the juice and filter out the pulp. The juice is then pasteurized by heating it, before being separated into what will be sold as liquid and what will become frozen juice concentrate. Juice that will become concentrate will go into a hot evaporator, which causes the water content to evaporate, leaving behind just the concentrate. This concentrate can then be packaged by the juice manufacturer, and supplied to retail store by a juice supplier.

Gat Food's Process

As a juice manufacturer and a juice supplier, a similar process is followed out by Gat Foods in their manufacturing process of juice concentrates. However their specific technology is designed to minimally impact the quality of the extracted juice so that the resultant product remains as natural as possible in terms of ingredients taste and color. Gat Foods produces juice concentrates from a variety of fruits such as oranges, red and white grapefruits, tangerines, mandarins and lemons.

Juice Concentrates are one of many products being created and improved by Gat Foods with their innovative technology and techniques.