Juice Company - Sales are booming for juice bar franchises

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Juice Company - Sales are booming for juice bar franchises

By combining healthy food and a trendy meeting spot, juice bars have taken the beverage industry by storm, offering delicious designer juices and smoothies made with fresh beverage ingredients. Similarly to premium coffee, freshly blended juices are expanding their grasp on the market, with big name companies like Starbucks, who are not traditionally known as a juice company, trying to get a slice of the pie. It is clear that potential growth for freshly crafted juices and smoothies is strong, and many venture capitalists are directing their investments towards this section of the beverage industry.

The growth of juice bar franchises can already be seen in New York City, with franchises predicted to double their number of locations within several months. NYC can generally be used as an indicator of cultural shifts, meaning that this change is likely to be mimicked all over the world.

What once was a niche market for raw foodies and uber-health geeks has become a mainstream concept, and will inevitably result in an all out battle for dominance in this new populist industry. In order to survive when the market becomes flooded with aspiring fresh juice and smoothie bars, a juice company must focus on differentiating themselves through their brand image, where they source their beverage ingredients, the beverage base that they use, and their menu options.

Gat Foods is a global supplier of beverage solutions and a leader in the beverage industry. Operating a juice bar can be difficult, but with the advanced integrated bases and emulsions provided by Gat Foods, your juice company can stand out from the rest. To find out more about Gat Foods and their products, visit their website