Juice Concentrate - the long lasting choice

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Juice Concentrate - the long lasting choice

Everybody talks about freshly squeezed juice nowadays and, honestly, we cannot blame them. As juice manufacturers we are “Fresh”’s biggest advocates - we believe that if you do something, you should do it the best you can and to the highest standards.

Freshly Squeezed Juice

Having said that, we also believe that not everybody has the benefits of drinking freshly-squeezed juice every time they want a mouthful of flavourful goodness. It’s not even a matter of luxury or not, it’s simply a matter of daily lives - it’s simply not viable at all times:
For starters it’s not necessarily the most affordable option there is.
Secondly, what if one wants juice when they’re at home?
Even if one has the right tools at home, squeezing a cupful of orange juice takes a bit of time and several oranges.

Concentrate Supplier

That is where juice concentrate comes in. Concentrate producers are not hard to come by, what is challenging is finding the right kind of supplier > that will provide you with the right kind of juice > that will taste as fresh as can possibly be.
Using modern and advanced methods, production processes can be made to have minimal effect on the quality of extracted citrus fruit; that way the concentrate supplier can lockdown the taste of the orange juice concentrate.

The process

The production process is made of several stages, starting with actually extracting the juice out of the citrus fruit - such as oranges. The next step is separating the essential oil from the pulp and sending the juice to evaporators. This is truly where high-quality juice producers shine - the process of the evaporation is developed in such a unique way to ensure a minimal effect on the high level of quality of the extracted juice - including texture and taste. The juice can then be frozen, preserved or aseptic.

In conclusion

If you want to enjoy the taste of orange juice, but with the added benefit of price, convenience and availability - orange juice concentrate is the best way to go; this is the definition of enjoying the best both worlds.

Gat Foods also produces aseptic clear and cloudy Pomegranate concentrates.