Juice Concentrates

Juice Concentrates

Superior quality for a wide variety of beverage applications

Our advanced processing methods are designed to have a minimal effect on the high quality of the extracted juice, thus allowing us to fully capture the natural ingredients, taste and color.

After the Citrus juice has been extracted, the pulp and essential oil are separated. The extracted juice is then sent to evaporators that concentrate it to up to 60 brix by partially removing water. These evaporators were developed especially for minimal impact on the high quality of the extracted juice, its taste, texture and aroma. The concentrated juice is filled and stored in 200 liter drums.

We produce concentrates from oranges, red and white grapefruits, tangerines, mandarins and lemons. The concentrates can be frozen, preserved or aseptic. Gat Foods also produces aseptic clear and cloudy Pomegranate concentrates.

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