Juice Drinks

Juice Drinks

Enhanced fruity taste 

This application includes low to medium fruit content offering delicious fruity taste in affordable prices.

Following the economic complexity and rising costs of raw materials together with less disposable income, on the one hand, yet a growing demand for fruity tasty juice based beverages, Gat Foods has developed the knowhow for producing beverages containing less fruit content yet provide enhanced fruity taste. 

How do we do it?

  • We apply different processing methods onto different parts of the fruit in order to gain specific technological attributes. 
  • We create the perfect taste balance and enhanced fruity mouth feel by addressing the interplay of sweetness, sourness and bitterness.
  • We enhance the traditional drinking experience by adding cells and pulp.


Thanks to our low fruit content formulating expertise you may choose an affordable solution that provides an enhanced fruity taste when using less fruit.

Our solutions are “Proven on the Shelf” for more than 70 years, featuring a successful experience in manufacturing tasty tailor made drinks for customers worldwide.


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