Juices and Nectars

Juices and Nectars

The Juices and Nectars categories experience different market trends in different regions, based on local purchasing power, health awareness and taste preferences.

Customers in different countries enjoy Gat Foods' advanced processing capabilities and 70 years of know-how and benefit from the variety of products required for the production of quality Juices and Nectars

  • NFC Juices - Oranges, Red/White Grapefruits, Lemons and Easy Peelers,     Pomegranate (aseptic NFC cloudy Juice)
  • Juice concentrates - Citrus (frozen, preserved or aseptic), Pomegranate  (clear aseptic) and a variety of other fruits as per demand.


Our solutions are “Proven on the Shelf” for over 70 years, featuring our successful experience in manufacturing tasty tailor made drinks for customers worldwide.



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