Knowhow transfer licensee model

Knowhow transfer licensee model

360° operations knowhow licensee model

PGI offers entrepreneurs all the necessary knowhow to enter the fruit beverage category  with a competitive edge and a long-term management strategy. We implement a multi-local strategic approach, tailoring the different elements to the entrepreneurs' needs and local requirements.


Current PRIGAT licensee activities: 

  • Romania- ”Suc de viata”: Juice for life 
    product portfolio includes still drink 2L PET, 1.75 (Pulp) PET, 0.5 PET, 0.33 glass, 1L Nectar carton

  • Ethiopia- "OPEN WITH A SMILE"? ????? ????
    product portfolio includes: fruit drink 0.33 L, 0.5 L, 1L PET, 0.25 L carton

  • Bulgaria- Give a smile
    product portfolio includes: Still drink 2L, 1.75L PET, fruit drink 1.2L PET, 1L carton, 0.33 L glass



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