NFC Juice

NFC Juice

Offer your consumers fresh premium juice

In order to ensure the freshness of our NFC juice, every stage of the process is specifically adjusted to suit the unique characteristics of each type of fruit. We process the very best fruits, according to their appropriate ripening stage and moisture level. Suitable fruit is characterized by full, aromatic juice, with optimal fruit sugar content and a balanced acidity level.

Our extractorss are especially designed for citrus and pomegranates. Our advanced technology enables optimal separation between the different fruit parts, thus controlling the aroma, color and mouth feel. The freshly squeezed juice is conveyed directly from the extractors to the aseptic filling lines to retain freshness, or immediately chilled after pasteurization to retain optimal characteristics.

After filling, the juice is freeze-stored until used, thus ensuring its freshness and organoleptic characteristics.

Gat Foods offers NFC Juice of pomegranates, oranges, red and white grapefruits, lemons and easy peelers.

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