NFC Juice - What does it even mean?

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NFC Juice - What does it even mean?

NFC juice seems to have become one of today’s most common phrases, with regards to juice, of course.
Often people talk about it, but not many people actually know what it stands for or, if they do, what it actually means.

What is NFC Juice?

Literally and most simplicity, NFC stands for “Never From Concentrate”.

What does it mean?

Well, that is a valid question. The NFC producer, such as GatFoods, ensures the freshness of each juice.
That means that a particular process is adjusted according to the uniqueness of each type of fruit, maintaining the high level of freshness throughout the production process.

How does it work?

NFC juice is not something that has a lot of wiggle room when it comes to the quality of the fruit from which it’s processed; the reason for that, is that every particle of freshness will be tasted by the end-user. Just like freshly squeezed or bitten, when less-than-fresh fruit can be tasted immediately, a high-quality NFC producer will always ensure to use the best fruit - based on their specific ripening stage, as well as moisture level. An NFC supplier will ensure to use nothing but fruit with full and aromatic juice, ideal fruit-sugar content and just the right level of acidity - thus creating the optimal balance.


If you were wondering about the longevity of NFC juice - worry no more; after filling from the extractors, the juice is freeze-stored, ensuring fresh when finally used.

Gat Foods offers NFC Juice of pomegranates, oranges, red and white grapefruits, lemons and easy peelers.