NFC Producer - What is NFC Juice?

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NFC Producer - What is NFC Juice?

Gat Foods is one of the leading NFC manufacturers, specialising in their creation of a variety of fruit based beverage solutions. NFC stands for ‘Not From Concentrate’, and aims to use the least amount of processing to conserve as much of the original character of the raw fruit as possible, with only the pulp, skin and seeds being removed. Surprisingly, there is little to no difference in the nutritional value and even the calorie content between ‘From Concentrate’ and ‘Not From Concentrate’ juices. As long as there are no added sweeteners, such as sugar, most fruit based beverage solutions should have a similar nutritional value.

As an NFC producer, Gat Foods creates juice made directly from fresh fruits and vegetables using mechanical processing and pressure. NFC manufacturers must ensure that the fruits used for production are ripe, carefully selected and washed thoroughly. The fruits are then pressed with pneumatic presses, to extract the juice and then package it. This process will often occur in a sterile environment to aid storage and shelf life. As a result, the NFC producer will pasteurise the juice at a hot temperature in order to remove any harmful bacteria, however this is not a requirement for NFC juices.

Juice concentrate is juice from which the water has been extracted and is generally frozen. Two main differences between NFC and ‘From Concentrate’ juices are that juices from concentrate have a far greater shelf life, however they do not come ready to drink, and need to be mixed with water to prepare them. When producing concentrated drinks, the process is similar to that of an NFC juice, with the added step of extracting the water from the juice.

Not only is Gat Foods a producer of NFC drinks, but they also have a range of fruit based beverage solutions. To find out more Gat Foods and their products, visit their website.