Natural Juice Brands - The History of Juice

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Natural Juice Brands - The History of Juice

Juices are made by extracting or squeezing out the natural liquid from fruits and vegetables. Juice is most commonly consumed as a beverage or otherwise used to add flavour to food or other beverages. With the invention of pasteurisation, it has become possible to preserve food without fermentation (the method used to make wine), and as such, juice has since emerged as a popular beverage choice with many natural juice brands entering the market. Research from the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation suggests that the total world production of citrus fruit juices in 2012 was 12,840,318 tonnes, with the largest consumers of fruit juice per capita being New Zealand and Colombia.

The earliest evidence of juice production are groups of grape pits that date back to 8000 BCE, however it is impossible to know whether these grapes were used to produce juice or wine. The first regularly produced juice was lemonade, which emerged in 16th century Italy as an import after its conception in the Middle East. Soon to follow was orange juice, which originated in the 17th century. With the link between citrus fruits and the prevention of scurvy made by James Lind, citrus-based juice became mandatory on all Ocean-bound British ships in accordance with the Merchant Shipping Act of 1867.

The first pasteurisation method for juice was invented in 1869 by the dentist Thomas B. Welch, allowing for the juice to be stored, without it being fermented into alcohol. Welch’s method involved filtering squeezed grape juice into bottles, sealing them with cork and wax, before placing them in boiling water to kill off the yeast responsible for fermentation. He since became a still drink manufacturer, selling this new natural juice brand product as “Dr Welch’s Unfermented Wine”.

Nowadays, juice plays a far more important important role in the market due to its great taste and health benefits, and as a result, there is much competition in the juice industry. However, with the help of Gat Foods and their innovative beverage bases and ingredients, still juice manufacturers can make their natural juice brands stand out from from other juice suppliers with a superior product that is better tasting and natural. To find out more about Gat Foods, visit their website today!