Natural energy drinks - climb up to the sky - Part A

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Natural energy drinks - climb up to the sky - Part A

Spring is here; there’s a spring in your steps. The winter has passed and there is new vigor in the air. Now is the time to go out and exercise.

First, let us put this in context:

Physical activity can be divided into two main categories: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic exercise involves low to high intensity physical exercise, relying on oxygen for the activity. These exercises, like walking, cycling, jogging, etc., can be performed for an extended period of time; at least 18 to 20 minutes.

Anaerobic exercise is usually short and intensive. Where aerobic builds endurance, anaerobic exercise builds power, speed and strength. It increases muscle mass and improves performance.

So how about climbing?

Climbing is a wonderful activity, whether indoor or, especially, outdoor. Depending on what kind of climbing exercise you do, it can be either aerobic, like rock climbing (constantly without stopping, for 15-20 minutes) or anaerobic, like bouldering (short bursts of high intensity climbing with frequent short rests).

Are energy drinks useful for climbers?

Climbers can benefit greatly from natural energy drinks as much as any athlete. Our body can only store limited amounts of carbohydrates, and these beverage ingredients are almost the only nutrient that can power anaerobic activity. Climbers need to take very good care of their bodies. Exhaustion, depletion, “burnout” can have dramatic consequences.

Fat just can’t provide energy as carbohydrates fast enough. Moreover, when a specific muscle runs out, it cannot draw energy from any other muscle. The only way to overcome this limitation is to increase blood glucose to a level where the body and the brain recognize there is spare glucose for them to use.

Natural energy drinks provide an easy and clean way to absorb glucose and fructose. Both boost blood glucose through different methods. Thus, natural beverage solutions provide an external source of carbohydrates that allow the muscles to continue anaerobic activity even after glycogen depletion.

Natural energy drinks contain natural beverage ingredients which can enhance performance and endurance and help keep the body in top shape.

Now that we are aware of the benefits of natural energy drinks, we wish to expand regarding some practical questions. For this, read part B.