Natural energy drinks - the future way

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Natural energy drinks - the future way

In recent years the global trends towards healthier living has been growing exponentially in every imaginable aspect. From interest in the wider, planetary environmental protection to individual concern about healthy lifestyle and personal wellness, the list is endless.

Companies have had to respond to this trend, and the numbers speak for themselves - according to a survey 90% of shoppers are willing to pay more for the added quality and benefits. Healthy foods and drinks are on track to hit $1 trillion sales. It’s a huge market. The shift towards a healthy lifestyle has had a profound influence on the overall foods and beverage industry in the form of reduced sugar content, freedom from additives and preservatives, natural beverage Ingredients etc.
And no wonder! Our modern life is all about fast pace, and very often we find ourselves drained and exhausted, and we need the support of an energy drink.
But remember, whatever you drink to recover from a slump during the day should be high-energy yet hazard-free, so it is best to use natural energy drinks.
So what are the main trends of the natural energy drinks?
- Consumers show strong interest in more natural energy drinks. Indeed, one in four US consumers say they would rather drink energy drinks made with all-natural beverage ingredients.

- The modern fast-paced lifestyles sees consumers moving away from three meals per day and “snacking’ more often, and energy drinks provide convenience, affordability and efficacy, positive advantages that appeal to today’s on-the-go consumers who are simply too busy to eat a sit-down breakfast.

- In countries as diverse as Poland, Spain, Italy and Germany, more than half of the consumers say they would like to see a wider variety of sports and energy drinks made with natural colourings and flavours. A similar situation occurs in China, where 40% of the consumers say they would prefer to buy energy drinks made of natural beverage base.
The “Clean Label” trend is gaining momentum. Clean label is a consumer driven movement, demanding labelling of food products containing natural, familiar, simple ingredients that are easy to recognize, understand, and pronounce, with.artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals.

- Manufacturers are attempting to appeal to a broader audience by presenting a more natural image. And they will remain under pressure to offer natural energy drinks with better-for-you beverage ingredients.

- Parents are emerging as a valuable audience for energy drinks. The percentage of parents of small children who consume energy drinks is more than twice the percentage of the general population! And, taking into account the natural care of parents to their children’s health, they are set to become an important target audience.

To sum up:
Energy drinks made of natural beverage base are extremely well-suited to our modern, fast, hectic lifestyle. Furthermore, they provide a healthy response to the need to stay sharp and focused without giving up the concern for healthy living.