Orange juice concentrate - The Benefits of Orange Juice

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Orange juice concentrate - The Benefits of Orange Juice

Orange Juice is one of the most popular morning beverages, fresh squeezed or orange juice concentrate made, and for a good reason. Consumption of orange juice offers many health benefits from the prevention of cancer to improved kidney and eye health. These benefits can be attributed to the large amount of vitamins that are present in oranges, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, Folate, Hesperidin and more.

Vitamin C:

As a citrus fruit, oranges contain a large amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and is essential in stimulating the repair of tissue. An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other cells, allowing for the prevention of chain reactions that will result in many cells being damaged. As a result, vitamin C assists in strengthening the immune system, which in turn results in the destruction of cancerous cells before they can spread. A severe lack of vitamin C will result in scurvy, a disease that if not treated can lead to decreased red blood cells, gum disease, and bleeding from the skin. Fortunately this can all be prevented with some vitamin C from Gat Food's organic juices.

Vitamin A:

Orange Juice is also rich in vitamin A, which is a group of unsaturated nutritional organic compounds. Similarly to vitamin C, vitamin A is also an antioxidant and assists in maintaining the immune system, but also has the added benefit of good vision through decreased macular degeneration. Approximately 50% of the required daily dosage of vitamin A can be found in orange juice in brands such as Prigat.


Folate is one of the B vitamins and can also be found in orange juice. Long-term supplementation of folate has been associated with reductions in the risk of having a stroke or cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, folate aids in the create of DNA and the growth of new cells, it keeps cells safe from mutation, helps build new red blood cells and helps blood flow throughout the body to ensure all organs are oxygenated and working at full capacity.


Like most good things, too much at once can result in many drawbacks. Orange Juice is very acidic and over-consumption could result in a sore stomach. Overconsumption of orange juice can also lead to unsafe fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Despite these risks, orange juice is still a great choice of beverage with fantastic health benefits. To find out about industry leading beverage solutions, visit Gat Foods.