Pomegranate Portfolio

Pomegranate Portfolio

Pomegranates- one of the healthiest fruits on earth.

Known since Biblical times for its healthiness and fertility attributes, many studies nowadays show the pomegranates' great potential in reducing all kinds of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancer, bad cholesterol and more.

Following a wide embracement by consumers and a broad media coverage the beverage industry continuously promotes pomegranates by launching different pomegranate beverages, either as unique flavor 100% juice, mixed with other fruits or as soft drinks.

As a leading manufacturer of fruit based beverages, Gat Foods offers you high quality raw materials to create your own pomegranate beverage.

Gat Foods processes fresh pomegranates delivered at their proper ripening stage and ensures its ideal care by strict handling. We apply a sophisticated gentle processing method that prevents high astringency and bitterness levels and maintain its dark red color.

Our NFC product offer qualifies with:

  • Moderate astringency and bitterness levels
  • Low acidity level
  • Minimum sediment- good stability
  • Good aroma -kept chilled through process and frozen during storage and shipment
  • Dark red color


Our product offer includes



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