Social and Environmental Activity

Social and Environmental Activity

Gat Foods is committed to promoting social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Social responsibility

Gat Foods corporate responsibility starts with valuing its people by creating the right environment that fosters continuous improvement together with a sense of engagement.

We are committed to fair employment practices with an emphasis on diversity and equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or any other differentiator. Our social policy focuses on fulfilling our employees' potential by providing on-the job training programs, rewarding prominent personnel, and assisting employees in their shift into retirement.

We focus on maintaining a safe and healthy workplace in order to prevent any incidents and injuries. We encourage our employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle by participating in sports activities and following nutritional guidance plans.

Also, our employees are continuously contributing to the local community by volunteering and supporting disadvantaged children on a weekly basis for many years.

Environmental sustainability

Gat Foods ensures that all production processes adhere to environmental standards. Issues such as reducing the use of resources, recycling and waste treatment are an inseparable part of the daily agenda at our factory.

Energy and emissions

Gat Foods aims to minimize its environmental footprint. We focus on reducing our energy use and thus our GHG emissions by enhancing emphasis on efficiency, cost reduction, renewables and awareness. We strive to reduce the use of chemicals in our processes. These efforts present operational cost-saving opportunities and an avenue for reducing our environmental impact. 


Gat Foods works to reduce water usage and to enhance wastewater treatment processes. We employ advanced technologies to biologically treat our industrial wastewater in compliance with local regulations. This treated water is eventually reused for irrigating nearby fields. We also reuse treated water from internal processes for cleaning procedures.


We make sure to recycle our residues and waste in the most efficient way. Residues of peels and fruit become animal feed and fertilizers for local farms. Packaging materials used for our own Prigat brand in Israel are fully recyclable. Bottles, paper, nylon, electronic waste, batteries and metals are sent to recycling facilities.

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