Syrups / Cordials / Squashes

Syrups / Cordials / Squashes

Promoting both value-for-money and all-natural solutions

Recent growth in the Syrups' category (also called Cordials or Squashes)indicates consumers are looking for cost-effective alernatives for enjoying other soft drink formats. Global development of new products is focused on purity and health with concepts of low/no/reduced calories, all-natural, higher fruit content, functionality and superfruit/exotic flavors leading marketing image and claims (Source: mintel). These applications now target not only the traditional children's’ group, but also older target groups, thereby increasing consumption occasions.

Gat Foods provides tailor-made solutions for concentrated fruit based syrups for dilution with water (1+16) that meet the following evolving trends:

1. All-natural- no preservatives/no artificial colors

2. Reduced calories

3. Functional- with added vitamins

Syrups for Milk

Gat Foods also offers fruit based syrups for on-the-spot mix together with milk providing a tasty colorful drink (no sediments) containing no preservatives, natural colors and added vitamins, upon customer request.

Our solutions are “Proven on the Shelf” for over 70 years, featuring our successful experience in manufacturing tasty tailor made drinks for customers worldwide.

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