The truth about Natural Energy Drinks Part 2

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The truth about Natural Energy Drinks Part 2

This is the second and concluding article regarding the subject of Natural Energy Drinks. In the first article, we covered the topics of common drink ingredients in energy drinks, and the distinction of the natural variety of energy-boosting beverages. In part two, we will discuss the topics of beverage base, process & labelling, and final conclusions.

Beverage Base

In their nature, beverage bases are the solid foundation for all drinks. Any drink (except maybe water) including fruit juice, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc. must have their own base; that drink’s particular bedrock is one of the main things that differentiates it from all the other beverages out there, be it by flavour, energy boost, alcohol percentage or other. Regardless of whether the difference is subtle or distinct, the impact each beverage base has is significant.

The Process

As with all other infrastructures, the base is merely the beginning. The drink must have a solid base, but a base alone is not enough to make a drink. Think of it like the Dorothy’s yellow brick road; the base was solid, her and Toto, but she couldn’t have made that beverage-road just by herself. She needed the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion. Together they were able to create a unique and otherworldly group of flavours that will forever stay in our memory. That is what each company aims to create, and what Gat Foods succeeds.

Products Labelling

Remember the days when companies prided themselves on having that “secret ingredient”? Those days no longer exist. According to the FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration), most prepared foods must have truthful labelling, that includes breads, cereal, snacks, drinks and many more.

In Conclusion

Now that you have more information on the different ingredients involved in creating energy drinks, perhaps it is time to start considering natural energy drinks. Using the best ingredients, flavours and processes, Gat Foods offers high-end, top of the line beverages. Contact us for more details.

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