Trends - Low Calories

Trends - Low Calories

Cut out the calories- Keep the enjoyment

In light of growing consumer demand for lower sugar, lower calorie drinks, Gat Foods offers bases, compounds and emulsions compatible for light, low and mid calorie drinks. Our tailor-made liquid solutions enable you to launch lighter products with a balanced taste profile - packed with the great enjoyment consumers expect.

Develop on-trend, reduced calorie and sugar fruit based still drinks with Gat Foods

Versatile compounds, bases and emulsion solutions

• Light/diet still drinks

• Low calorie and sugar still drinks

• Mid- calorie and sugar still drinks

How do we do it?

We match the sweetening ingredients to fit a specific liquid solution (i.e.base,

compound or emulsion) depending on the desired caloric content of the final

product, fruit percentage, sweetness intensity, acidity level, local taste

preferences, mouth feel, shelf- life duration and cost efficiency criteria.


Our liquid solutions are formulated to match a specific sweetening option:

• High intensity sweeteners

• Natural sweetener- featuring Stevia- the natural source sweetener

• Classic sweeteners- fructose, sucrose and glucose

• Combination of sweeteners- high intensity and classic


Our solutions are “Proven on the Shelf” for over 70 years, featuring our successful experience in manufacturing tasty tailor made drinks for customers worldwide.

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