Whole Fruit Comminutes

Whole Fruit Comminutes

Creating stable and tasty all-natural, clean label, low fruit content beverages

Gat Foods has developed an innovative technological solution, providing bottlers an all-natural, all-inclusive ingredient system for easily creating natural low fruit content beverages. Properties that are traditionally achieved using artificial ingredients, are obtained by using natural ingredients derived directly from processing whole citrus fruits.

Our clean label bases and compounds maintain excellent taste, mouth feel and a stable appearance, while containing only 15-20% fruit content, depending on fruit type.

Gat Foods' whole fruit comminutes provide our customers with:Fresh aroma from the peel instead of from undetermined sources

  • Natural acidity from the fruit instead of synthetic citric acid
  • Stability by pectin from the fruit instead of carob gum
  • Turbidity by peel extracts instead of emulsions
  • Ideal color from the peel instead of synthetic Vitamin A

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