Gat Foods is a global supplier of integrated, technology-based fruit solutions, providing advanced bases, compounds and raw materials for the worldwide beverage industry.

Gat Foods operates through four main business channels:

  • Gat Foods – A B2B channel, focused on supplying integrated solutions and raw materials for bottlers and flavor houses.
  • Gat FoodService – Providing solutions for the HORECA sector.
  • PGI (Prigat International) - Offering unique licensee models to beverage manufacturers of all sizes, while providing a 360° package including products, services and consultancy, from material supply to financial, technological and marketing support.
  • PRIGAT - A leading B2C consumer brand in Israel with vast experience in manufacturing processes, product development and retail activities.

For over 70 years, since our establishment in 1942, we have been operating a unique vertically integrated structure: growing citrus and processing fruit, developing a wide range of integrated solutions and product applications and marketing our own consumer brand.

We believe in full cooperation. Together with our clients we create tasty and consumer trend oriented beverages with success stories that have been Proven on the Shelf. Based in Israel, we serve our customers in more than 60 countries through front offices in Germany, Russia, China, India and Belarus providing professional and custom tailor made solutions.

Our R&D food technologists develop innovative products in full cooperation with our customers’ R&D professionals. While operating globally, we customize our service for each customer.

Central Bottling Company Group (CBC Group)

Gat Foods is part of The Central Bottling Company (CBC), an international group based in Israel representing leading brands and companies. The group specializes in beverage products including Carbonated Drinks, Still Drinks, Water, Dairy products, Beer, Wine and Spirits. 

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