The truth about Natural Energy Drinks Part 1

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The truth about Natural Energy Drinks Part 1

Energy drinks have been gaining a lot of popularity, more and more so during recent years. There is a myriad of different brands on the market, with RedBull being the most famous, offering a variety of drinks in all colours, shapes and forms. Actually, they have become extremely common - one can find them in practically every convenient store, grocery store and corner store.

Drink Ingredients

It should come as no surprise that most energy drinks are not made out of the healthiest of ingredients. To be fair, that was never their claim to glory. They were not created with the intention to enhance your healthy lifestyle, but rather to enhance performance and boost your energy.

So… What are energy drinks made of?

Here are 6 drink ingredients you’d find in most energy drinks:

  • Caffeine; enhances energy and athletic performance.
  • Guarana; seeds from a plant that deliver caffeine to enhance energy.
  • Taurine; amino acid, claimed to boost athletic performance and metabolism.
  • Sugar; boosts energy
  • Ginseng; debatable whether boosts energy or not, in use in most drinks.
  • B Vitamins; another debatable ingredient that is very common in most drinks.
  • Other ingredients include carbonated water, sodium, natural & artificial flavours and colours, acids and more…

These drink ingredients are included in most energy drinks; it’s the play with quantities and versatility of each ingredient that makes each company unique. And, of course, it’s the company itself and its position as a brand, that really differentiates it from the others.

Natural Energy Drinks

It’s clear now that energy drinks are not designed for health, but mostly for performance and endurance. Many of these ingredients are derived from natural sources, such as coffee beans, or plant seeds, but tend to go through many incarnations before actually making their way into the energy drink.
Natural energy drinks manufacturers make an effort to limit the amount of artificial ingredients to a bare and necessary minimum. Gat Foods, for example, uses a beverage base that is made out of real fruit, providing real flavour, using various compounds to maintain and improve their high level of quality.

This concludes the Part One of the subject of Natural Energy Drinks.
Ensure to read Part Two where we discuss the topic of beverage base, process & labelling, and final conclusions.

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